Scherbakova Ekaterina


I would like to leave feedback on the improvement in the health status of my daughter as a result of her visits to the Centre. I am a person close to the Centre, but this fact does not affect the results of her training sessions in any way.

Daša is 12 years old. During her first visit with the attending physiotherapist, she complained of knee and ankle pain. We did not mention the fact that she had frequent headaches, but during the examination the physiotherapist noticed that her neck area was tense, which can cause headaches. No serious postural problems were detected during the visit, but leg pain was said to be associated with a rapid growth rate, which can occur at her age.

The physiotherapist compiled an individual programme of 12 sessions for Daša. She could only visit once a week, not more often. After her third session the pain disappeared, and even her head ceased to hurt, which was a big surprise for me. Daša goes to her sessions with pleasure.

I think there is a proper physical load that must be found for teenagers’ exercise, especially given the often low physical activity of children today. Finding this will relieve some transitional, age-related problems. We are thankful to our instructors, Gaļina and Undīne, as well as to the physicians!"