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Kaspars StalidzansChief Instructor
Kaspars Stalidzans - Chief Instructor. Graduated from the Latvian Academy of Sport Education as a fitness instructor / sports teacher. Has been working since 2011. In 2019, Kaspars completed the training at Dr. Bubnovsky’s Centre and received the certificate of an instructor. Kaspar's greatest passion is spending a lot of time with his children. He tries to spend quality time with them and physical activities are important.
"I have a strong desire to help people. That's my calling! For many years I have worked as a fitness instructor and have realized that a lot of people want to become more beautiful, healthier or athletic quickly, but unfortunately going to the gym doesn't always deliver that result. Exercising in the wrong way leads to injuries. When I learned about Sergey Bubnovsky's method, I realized it was the right way to help people. Dr. Bubnovsky's method helps not only to restore the body but also to build one’s muscle mass properly."