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Galina KuzmenkovaPhysiotherapist and instructor
Galina Kuzmenkova, a physiotherapist and instructor, graduated from the Latvian Academy of Sports Pedagogy, having mastered the specialty of a physiotherapist and a teacher of sports. Received instructors certificate from the “Institute of Modern Kinesiotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation”, which was founded by Dr. S.Bubnovsky on 15 September 2020. In the past, she was actively involved in sports, gaining a black belt in taekwondo. Has worked in sports and educational organizations. Fully agrees that movement is life.
"I chose the profession of a physiotherapist after I had finished active sports. Training and competition did not go without injuries. I wondered if it was possible to restore damaged functions without the use of drugs, and what methods exist for this. Dr. Bubnovsky's method attracted me with its uniqueness and usefulness. As a physiotherapist, I am interested in the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. In addition, my profession requires constant deepening and expansion of knowledge and skills. The professor's postulate is close to me: "Do not hope for a miracle! A miracle is you yourself. Just learn to understand your body. And we will help you!" I'm glad when a person leaves smiling after class. This is the best reward for the work invested, as I see real benefits and efficiency of my input."