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Andrey SmirnovPhysiotherapist
Andrey Smirnov – experienced physiotherapist. Graduated from the Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Faculty of Sports Medicine. Andrey has got the black belt in karate, he enjoys playing beach volleyball. In 2019, he received the certificate of a physiotherapist at the Dr. Bubnovsky institute in Moscow.
"I chose this profession because I have been an athlete myself, and like any other athlete, I often suffered from a variety of injuries. After visiting several doctors and not getting the desired result, I found a specialist who helped me to recover with the help of exercising. Then I realized what I wanted to do with my future life - to be healthy myself and to help others be healthy. This is how I became a physiotherapist. Dr. Bubnovsky's method attracted me with its efficiency and practicality. As I got to know this method in depth, I improved my knowledge in the field of rehabilitation a lot."