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Our specialists
Andrey Smirnov Physiotherapist
Andrey Smirnov – experienced physiotherapist. Graduated from the Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Faculty of Sports Medicine. Andrey has got the black belt in karate, he enjoys playing beach volleyball. In 2019, he received the certificate of a physiotherapist at the Dr. Bubnovsky institute in Moscow.
Kaspars Stalidzans Chief Instructor
Kaspars Stalidzans - Chief Instructor. Graduated from the Latvian Academy of Sport Education as a fitness instructor / sports teacher. Has been working since 2011. In 2019, Kaspars completed the training at Dr. Bubnovsky’s Centre and received the certificate of an instructor. Kaspar's greatest passion is spending a lot of time with his children. He tries to spend quality time with them and physical activities are important.
Māra Strautmane Physiotherapist
Māra obtained specialty of physiotherapist and a bachelor's degree in health care in 2013, and in 2016 she obtained a master's degree in health care. Regularly upgrade her competencies in areas close to physiotherapy.
Undine Rumba Assistant Physiotherapist and Instructor
Has studied physiotherapy at the Latvian Academy of Sport Education and in 2020 has received the specialty of a physiotherapist and the Bachelor's degree in healthcare. She took part in the "Dear Nanny" project, working with a child with special needs.
Olga Grigorjeva Assistant Instructor
"I have been practicing Judo since 2006. I have a lot of great achievements in this sport, I have received first prizes in several competitions. In 2018, I took the 1st prize in Latvian Open U21 Championship and in Riga Cup U21. I also participated in the European Cup. In September 2019 I had the shoulder injury. It was my first serious injury. In February 2020, I started attending the Dr. Bubnovsky Centre in Riga. After just a few sessions my shoulder range of motion improved dramatically. I want to help people to recover and I want to feel good in my own body."