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How to Spend Summer Holidays Benefitting One’s Health?

Schoolchildren’s summer holidays are approaching and it means that a great possibility to spend them creating some benefit for the young ones has appeared. In February, 2020 Dr. Bubnovsky’s Centre was opened in Riga where there certified specialists, who had studied kinesiotherapy under Dr. Bubnovsky’s guidance in Moscow, are working. Dr. Bubnovsky’s system is well-known all over the world. Official Centres have been opened in 9 countries, one acting also in Latvia now. Exactly Mr. S. Bubnovsky was the first person who started researching on treatment of bone-muscles’ diseases resigning from usage of pills, injections and operations, furthermore, he managed to realize his idea of developing the treatment and rehabilitation system, utilizing one’s own body strength.

Lately the tendency of schoolchildren’s health problems has become obvious. Nowadays many teenagers have signs of deviation in their body-building (hump, scoliosis, flat foot, etc.). All this are caused by hypodynamia - insufficient physical activity that results in loosing of muscles’ tone.

Scoliosis – an originator of many problems – is one of the most wide-spread diagnosis among schoolchildren. Its development usually starts in childhood, mainly in school years, being caused by incorrect load on young body’s spine and extremities. It is important to know and realize not only the kind of curve but also the causes resulting in it. At school age, when a child is rapidly growing, the biomechanics of the body changes, too. A spine and extremities become longer. If the load on the different parts of one’s spine is not equally and symmetrically divided, the strongest muscles start pulling out one or another of child’s spine vertebral, in a such way causing scoliosis.

If the child does not take advantage of needed and regular physical activities outside the school, then the long classroom hours at the desk as well as carrying of heavy books and gadgets, do up the illness.

While the child’s body has not finished growing and is still developing, scoliosis, caused by muscles imbalance can be successfully stopped and treated. Dr. Bubnovsky has researched on and defended his doctoral thesis in medicine on the mentioned topic, proving the importance of method of kinesiotherapy. And weights of pulling on decompression fitness equipment worked out by the author, according to needed level, that allows even the weak children to use their skeleton muscles in order to reach the aim of improving their health on the adaptation level.

Summer is a time of active growth of children and teenagers, thus it is logical to consider that the problem of straight spine should be solved directly during this period. Therefore, the team of specialists of Dr. Bubnovsky’s Centre in Riga has worked out a special set of exercises for children 7 to 18 years of age. For every child, who will visit our physiatrist in the Centre, an individual treatment programme will be worked out, consisting of exercises encompassed in 12 activities. Activities will take place in a spacious hall of the Centre, equipped by fitness equipment created and patented by Dr. Bubnovsky himself. This equipment possesses effect of decompression and antigravity.

Only 3 hours per week, spent by your child under the guidance by friendly and certified team of physiatrists and instructors at Dr. Bubnovsky’s Centre, will not take away the child’s summer glamour, rather it will help the young one to harmonise the muscles being disbalanced during this school-year as well as to avoid the spine problems in future.

Do not miss the chance to spend summer holidays for your child’s benefit because basis of one’s health is set in childhood.