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Don't mess around with back pain while on vacation!

Don't mess around with back pain while on vacation!

💁What kind of transport to use to get to your destination❓

🚆🚂 Train. During the trip you can sleep, sit, walk around the carriage, and when the train stops you can get off on the platform. Remember, the more often you change your body position, the better!

🚌Bus or your own 🚗 car (especially as a driver) - it is not recommended to travel long distances. In most cases, the cause of back pain is osteochondrosis and spondyloarthritis. With these diseases prolonged monotonous static load is harmful. When using your own car, try to plan your route so that you have stops and an opportunity to stretch your body.

🛬 Take an airplane flight if you are attracted to more distant resting places. If possible, change your body position, walk down the aisle of the plane or stand near your seat. The more changes the better!

While resting:

🏊 Swim! Swimming relaxes your back muscles, reduces pain and strengthens your muscles, which gives your spine better support. Note that you should not jump into the water from a footbridge, cliff, tower or bridge, which often results in micro-trauma to the spine.

🧗 Hiking. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy nature away from everyone, what could be better? But don't forget about your health! Heavy backpacks are not recommended. Try to distribute the weight of the things you take with you. Shoes should be suitable - low, wide heels and flexible, soft soles to reduce impact and prevent the transfer of vibrations to your spine.

💁Exercise every day, even on vacation! Health in motion!

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Do your joints hurt when the weather changes?

❓ Do your joints hurt when the weather changes?

Are old traumas showing up after prolonged exertion?

❗ It's important to know - it's not the weather or joint sensitivity - it's the symptoms that indicate developing joint osteoarthritis.

👉The disease is chronic - and for a long time can only manifest itself with aching, discomfort, morning stiffness, crunching in the joints. However, as long as you do not pay special attention to these symptoms - the disease progresses. Articular cartilage erodes, there is swelling and muscle spasm around the painful joint, blood circulation is disrupted, ligaments are also subjected to organic changes - all this makes the pain even worse.

👇 And after a while, the pain becomes so severe that it is impossible to step on the leg or move the hand. The most extreme case is when the joint is so destroyed that surgical intervention and surgery to replace it is required, but it is certainly better not to bring it to this state.

📝To reduce and prevent pain, make an appointment at our center, where you can be diagnosed and receive a consultation from a specialist. After an appointment you will be prescribed an individual treatment program to eliminate the disease, which, acting gently and at the same time targeted directly to the area of the painful joint, restores normal vital processes in all tissues surrounding the joint - relieves muscle spasm, opens the blood capillaries, resolves swelling, reduces inflammation.

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How to lift weights correctly without endangering your back?
1.Be sure to keep your back straight. Try not to slouch and not to strain your lower back, so that when you lift weights, your leg muscles work and bending occurs in the hip joints.
2.The closer the heavy object is to your body, the easier it will be to lift it.
3.Move smoothly, without sudden movements.
4.In order to reduce the load on your lower back, while lifting weights, try to strain your abdominal muscles.
5.Rotate your body together with a heavy object, while standing stably on your feet, without twisting in the lower back.
6.Try to distribute your strength and estimate the weight of the load, don't be shy to ask for help.
Take care of your health and the health of your loved ones with us!

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A special course of rehabilitation

A special course of rehabilitation is prescribed for patients who need an extra attention. All 12 sessions will be individually supervised by a physiotherapist and include an initial consultation and 3 additional visits to the physiotherapist. An additional visit, if necessary, can be replaced by an individual session with the attending physiotherapist.

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Happy Līgo Holidays!
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Independent course
Classes at the center of Dr.Bubnovsky are divided into cycles. Each cycle consists of 12 sessions.
The physiotherapist during the meeting with the patient when the 3rd cycle is nearing its end, evaluates the patient's state of health and his/her ability to switch to an independent course at the Dr.Bubnovsky Center in Riga. The price of a subscription includes:
1.12 independent lessons;
2.One free consultation with your physiotherapist. During this consultation the supervising physiotherapist will make changes to your individual exercise plan in order to achieve better results and to make your exercise more interesting;
3.The physiotherapists will be nearby at all the time to remind you and make sure you are doing the exercises correctly, as well as to help you strap on or unstrap from the machines.
4.Cold water treatments and a visit to the sauna;

We suggest you to use the last session at the end of the 3rd cycle as an individual session. During the individual lesson our therapist will help you to master the correct technique of exercises for the transition to an independent course, as well as take a set of exercises in video format on your phone.
Cost of the independent course - 200.00 EUR Cost of the individual lesson - 25.00 EUR.

Dear visitors of the center, we appeal to you to master the exercises, to listen to the physiotherapists' advice and to be independent, so that, if necessary you could help yourself to get rid of acute pain and to get back your ability to move without training in the gym, for example, when you have a pain in the back.
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For health and beauty - movement instead of medicine!
Dr. Bubnovsky's method is indicated for all ages (from 7 to 107 years) and for any level of fitness. Therapeutic, restorative and preventive exercises are performed on the author's multifunctional machines, which strengthen and develop skeletal muscles, support and increase joint mobility, improve flexibility, train strength and endurance, develop stability and coordination, promote weight loss and figure correction. The therapeutic process takes place according to an individual program, patients are accompanied by knowledgeable and experienced instructors and physiotherapists.
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The first 90min appointment
The first stage of health rehabilitation at Dr. Bubnovsky begins with a 90-minute initial visit to a physiotherapist.
During the first appointment:
1.Your medical history will be analyzed;
2. As a result of a myofascial diagnostic, the spine, joints, muscles and ligaments will be evaluated to determine the diagnosis and identify the cause of your pains;
3.  Functional state of health will be determined in the rehabilitation room after performing certain exercises on MTB machines;
4. Based on the results of the first three points, the physiotherapist creates an individual exercise program especially for you.
The very next day after your first visit we will be glad to see you at your first class, where you will do your first exercises under the supervision of physiotherapist according to your individual wellness program.
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We think everyone understands that the spine is our support, supports the body, and ensures our body's ability to perform all kinds of movements 🤸‍♀‍  
⚠️Among other things, the spine is the most important part of our nervous system 👆
❓So how do we can take care of our spine health?
✅First, take care of your posture. Improper posture leads to compression of the nerves between the vertebrae.
✅ Secondly, do physical exercise, and the right exercise is safe and appropriate for you.
✅ A healthy diet is just as important for the spine (avoid the accumulation of toxins).
✅ Keep your weight in check. The more we weigh, the more stress our spine is under.
✅ Periodically visit a massage.
✅ Lifting weights correctly - taking the right posture - you need to sit down so that the load when you lift weights was on the leg muscles, not the spine.
!!The health of the spine should always be remembered and taken care of.
Make an appointment for diagnosis and treatment of spinal conditions: 32371732

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