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Bring a friend and both get 25% discount!
Bring a friend and both get 25% discount on 12 sessions course.

If purchased on a day of first visit , you get free consultation.
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JUNE - month of medical personnel!
In June, all medical personnel is granted with 30% discount on all services at the Dr. Bubnovsky Center!
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Gifts cards available!

As of now, it is possible to purchase a gift card for any amount in Dr Bubnovsky center.

Make your friend or family member happy and present him this great gift, so he or she can try effectiveness of Dr Bubnovky method themselves, because health is the greatest gifts of all.

Call for more information on 232 717 32

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Summer is the right time to take care of your child's well being!
It is no secret that in recent years, more and more children and youngsters are suffering from various illnesses related to insufficient daily physical activity. Scoliosis, obesity and flat foot are just some of these diseases. Specialists of Dr. Bubnovsky Center can help solve these problems, so for the summer period Dr.Bubnovska Center in Riga has prepared a special offer for children and youngsters from 7 to 18 years of age for a special price - 250 eur for 12 sessions + free consultation with a physiotherapist. More information can be found in the newspaper Segodnya, issue 23 (Russian language) or call the Dr. Buvnovsky Center.
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Subscription for 295 eur only, including free physiotherapist's consultation!
Subscription for 295 eur* only, including free** physiotherapist's consultation!
** purchasing subscription not later than 1 day after physiotherapist's consultation
* 100 subscriptions available for this special price
* additional discounts do not apply
* total amount can not be split 

Subscription includes 12 sessions (50 min each) under trainers supervision in the group from 1 - 3 persons
Physiotherapists consultation on 6th and 11th sessions
Free sauna and cold water treatments
TOTAL savings - 93 eur

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