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Who is responsible for our health?

💁‍♂️Each person has its own health potential, naturally given. Our loved ones decide for us in our childhood but from the moment of making a conscious decision, only we make a choice of what to do in the next second.

👉 It is personal choice - to drink enough water, to be active or to lie on the couch, to monitor diet and to have enough sleep.

Even if a person tries to cope with existing diseases with the help of drugs, but at the same time continues to lead a sedentary lifestyle, his health will not get better. 

👆Your health depends only of  you. It's like an expensive car. If you do not take care of it, fill in bad gasoline, low-quality oil, then no matter how “cool” it is, you will have to invest money in it, or it will not “ride” you for long.

As well as our health. If you take care of it, do not forget about prevention, "fill in good fuel",  think what to eat and drink. Remember that 1 g of prevention = 1 kg of drugs, then health will not keep you waiting.  We must  help ourselves.

💪Therapy according to the method of Dr. Bubnovsky is a powerful prevention, not only of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but also of the cardiovascular, bronchopulmonary, genitourinary and lymphatic systems.

👆A reasonable person will make a reasonable CHOICE.

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Water is one of the basic rules of our health!

⚠️We improve our metabolism if we drink enough water;

⚠️With intense physical activity, through the skin, we lose up to 25% of water.

How much water is recommended to drink per day?

🍶30-35ml of water per kilogram of body. For example, if the weight is 70kg, then it is recommended to drink 2 liters.

👉 If you visit Dr. Bubnovsky Center, then at least 2.5 liters of water.

How often?

✅1-2 glasses of water before breakfast;

✅2 glasses of wate before the meal:

✅After a meal 1-2 glasses of water;

✅Don't drink for 15-20min. to a meal;

✅Drink 30-45 minutes after a meal;

👉During classes, in Dr. Bubnovsky Center, a sip of water between exercises.

How to drink water?

✅with sips of water, as slow as possible;

✅No more than 50-80ml (half a glass) per drink;

What water should I drink?

✅Uncooked, still, filtered and at  temperature of room

✅Do not add coffee, tea or other beverages to the amount of water you drink.

👉 The staff of Dr.Bubnovsky Riga Center encourages every patient to drink water.

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✅The majority of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including the spine, develop due to lack or lack of movement.

❗Exercises according to the method of Dr. Bubnovsky activate the internal reserve forces of the body, due to which the prevention and treatment of a large number of pathologies occurs.

👆 Moreover, any person can do the recommended exercises, regardless of age (from 6 years old). However, in each specific case, its own complex of exercises  will be recommended.

📝 Our goal - to improve the state of the body and prevent the development of other pathologies and complications.

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What do you prefer pills or to work hard?

From the book of S.M. Bubnovsky "Conspiracy of Pharmacists": "There are practically no chemical  medicine that have no side effects. But if a patient comes to me and I do not prescribe a pills for back pain, but recommend, for example, exercises, breathing exercises and water procedures, that is, methods of natural therapy and which, in their effect, many times exceed the effect of chemicals, without causing side effects (the only obstacle to their use is laziness), then the patient tells me: is this a treatment? This is the most difficult treatment! The simplest treatment is a pill. Why are people so addicted to pills? The drug business has  figured out that the average patient is lazy, cowardly and physically weak. "

Take care of your health according to the method of Dr. Bubnovsky.

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Are you ready for summer?

💁‍♀‍ The summer season will begin soon. Are your joints and muscles ready for garden works?

We try to fix everything in a one day. As a result, after such working days in nature, there is severe back pain, sometimes it is difficult to move around for another week. Does this sound familiar to you?

↪️Start to strengthen your muscles and joints so that gardening is a joy, not a burden. In addition, the knowledge of how to breathe properly during exertion or how to help yourself with back pain will never be superfluous. Exercises according to the method of Dr. Bubnovsky will help improve well-being without drugs, as well as prepare muscles and joints for shock loads in the summer months.

And if you have diseases such as:


✅ hernia and protrusion of the spine

✅Disorders of posture and scoliosis

✅ overweight

✅ or you need rehabilitation after a stroke, heart attack and pneumonia, then you will not find a safer, more effective and environmentally friendly method as kinesitherapy.

🔆In our center, patients regain their freedom of movement, improve the quality of life at any age and from any condition.

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❓How can you help yourself to avoid stress 

✅Be active!

✅Enjoy time with family or friends.

✅ Try to get enough sleep a day.

✅Share your experiences with people you trust.

✅ Feel free to ask for help if you really need it.

✅ Eat well.

❗ It's been proven that stress affects our health and life expectancy!

💯  We will help you not only get rid of various diseases, but also cheer you up, give you strength and improve the quality of your life!

✅ The official center of Dr. Bubnovsky in Riga: 

📍Brīvības gatve 214B


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Lymphatic system

♻️ The  lymphatic system serves to remove harmful substances and toxins from the body. The lymphatic system is disturbed if:

1️⃣ You avoid exercises and simple walking for a long time. The activity of the lymphatic and circulatory systems are closely related.

2️⃣Eat only harmful foods containing a lot of hydrogenated fats, preservatives and dyes that accumulate in the lymph and are not excreted from the body properly.

3️⃣ Do not keep the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This makes the body vulnerable to viruses and infections, "destroys" its immunity. Doctors associate poor functioning of the lymphatic system with disorders of the immune system, but few associate both risk factors with the fact that a person eats only carbohydrates. Do you eat  pasta, porridge, and potatoes with sausage or a thin slice of cheese ? It is worth restructuring the menu as early as possible, adding poultry, fish, eggs and dairy products.

4️⃣Wear tight clothing, shaping underwear and high heels. Slimming underwear, skinny jeans, and high heels should be worn no more than 6-8 hours a day. The rest of the time - loose, non-tight clothing made from natural fabrics.

5️⃣Smoking. A bad habit not only contributes to vasoconstriction, but also leads to a decrease in the lumen of the lymphatic ducts. Puffing on a cigarette causes spontaneous contraction of smooth muscles. This prevents the fluids of our body from moving at the speed provided by nature, interferes with the outflow of lymph. Cigarettes also release tar and toxins, which increase the density of the lymph.

6️⃣ Alcohol. It is sometimes argued that a couple of glasses of red wine will only improve lymph drainage. But if a person already has liver problems, it is better not to drink alcohol at all. Toxins directly enter the lymph and interfere with its outflow.

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Information for Dr.Bubnovsky Center visitors

Dear, visitor of Dr.Bubnovsky Center!

Due to national restrictions, please strictly follow the rules at the Center:

1️⃣Be in a respirator!

2️⃣Follow the set lesson times. The missed lesson will in any case end as planned;

3️⃣Cancel the lesson in time, 24 hours before, otherwise the lesson is lost, considered used;

4️⃣Training reservations are made only with an active subscription. Reservations are not made if the subscription is not purchased;

5️⃣Upon entering the Center, a subscription card must be presented to the administrators;

6️⃣Opening hours from I-V from 7.30-21.00. Stay in the Center until 20.45. VI from 8.30. -16.00.

Information and appointment with a physiotherapist or masseur: 23271732 or

 "Happiness - when nothing hurts and it is health that needs to be taken care of," Dr. Bubnovsky. 

Together we will overcome this difficult period, Dr. Bubnovsky Riga team

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Advantages of the center
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