23.06.2022 par mums - Kā atbrīvoties no muguras sāpēm bez operācijas?
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Vacancy - Instructor
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Here are some facts about the spine

Fact No.1The spinal column contains a canal along its entire length, inside which the artery and the spinal cord as well as the nerve plexus are located. ⠀

Fact No.2It is this artery that provides the blood supply to the brain. So when you have a headache, it means you have a problem with your spinal column. You should start taking care of your back by now. ⠀

Fact No.3 The spinal nerves come from the spinal cord through the intervertebral foramen. There are 31 pairs in total. They provide all the connections between the brain and body parts. The nerve fibers are interconnected with each other. If these connections are interrupted, a person is paralyzed. ⠀

Fact No 4 Each spinal nerve is divided into two nerve roots - one is sensory and the other is motor. This is why a person with an unhealthy spine feels stiff when lifting weights and sometimes even when walking. ⠀

Fact No.5 The spinal column is the main support tool for the head, shoulder girdle, internal organs of the abdomen and chest. Therefore when we stoop, our internal organs shrink and the metabolic processes in the body are disturbed.

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What happens after 3 courses at the Dr.Bubnovsky Centre?
Your physiotherapist, based on your physical condition, may recommend that you exercise independently in the gym of our Centre, equipped with specialized MTB machines, in order to maintain the results achieved and not to lose your physical form.
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REHABILITATION COURSE - 8 sessions under 100% physiotherapist's under vision


✅8 sessions under 100% physiotherapist's under vision,

✅individual approach,

✅the exercise program is changed and adjusted during the session according to the patient's physical condition,

✅Modern physiotherapy equipment is used in the classes in addition to MTB and basic trainers,

✅sauna and cold water treatments after session,

✅8 sessions must be attended within 2 months,

✅session can be canceled only in an emergency and at least 24 hours before session,  Monday sessions must be canceled by 16.00 on Saturday.

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Price list from December 6th

Dear visitors of the Dr. Bubnovsky Center!

Recently, in these new and challenging working conditions our expenses have increased significantly. Despite all the measures taken to reduce them, we are forced to increase the prices of our services from December 6 in order to maintain the existing high level of service.

You have the opportunity to purchase subscriptions at current prices until December 4.

We will be very grateful for your understanding and support.


Ekaterina Shcherbakova

Member of the Board of Dr.Bubnovsky Center

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Your health is in your hands.

 "Most importantly, you have to remember that your health is in your hands. Stick to a healthy lifestyle. Be active! Provide this for your child too. Take care of their nutrition - don't underfeed, but don't overfeed either! Adequate sleep and rest, a balanced diet, vitamin courses and avoidance of stress - all these are important and necessary in order to grow up healthy. If you don't take care of your spine, eventually the spine will take care of you. The spine is the basis of our health. In what condition it is, in what condition a person will be. "

Valentin Dikul

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Class at 7.00 for the early risers🕊☀️

Dr. Bubnovski's centre in Riga, for the early risers🕊☀️, offers the opportunity to start your day actively, exercising under the guidance of physiotherapists with an individually developed exercise programme📝 already from 7:00⏰!

After class - cold water treatments and it's a good day! 👏🛁 Be full of energy and energized for the day.💪🏃

Centre opening hours :

Mon. 7:30-20:30

Tues. 6:45-20:30 🕊

Wed 7:30-20:30

Thu 6:45-20:30 🕊

Fri 7:30-20:30

Sat 8:30-16:30

Sun. -

Welcome to our Centre on Brīvības gatve 214B, Riga. Registration by phone 23271732.

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Working hours

Dear visitors!

From 16th of November our working hours :

Monday       7:30-20:30

Tuesday      6:45-20:30 🕊

Wednesday 7:30-20:30

Thursday     6:45-20:30 🕊

Friday           7:30-20:30

Saturday      8:30-16:30

Sunday        CLOSED

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