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Frequently asked questions
All the answers provided by the centre's chief kinesitherapist.
Andrey Smirnov
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What is the essence of Dr. Bubnovsky's method? Where is its uniqueness?
Dr. Bubnovsky's method allows us to treat injured joints and tissues during the earliest stages of rehabilitation period without the risk of complications and injuries. This is possible because the work is done using the special exercise machines in antigravity mode. In simple words - in the stretching mode. This helps rehabilitation process greatly.
How is Dr. Bubnovsky's method different from other kinesitherapy methods?
Kinesitherapy is treatment by movement. This general explanation includes a large number of different subdivisions, meaning that kinesitherapy is a large segment of modern non-traditional medicine. Dr. Bubnovsky's method is to improve physical sensation by performing movements with the help of special MTB multifunctional exercise machines.
How is it different from physiotherapy?
Both, physiotherapy and kinesitherapy methods by Dr. Bubnovsky are using physical exercises and artificial factors of nature - heat and cold. The main difference is that the method of kinesitherapy by Dr. Bubnovsky offers to start exercising on the special equipment in the early stages of rehabilitation period, whereas the regular physiotherapy allows that only in the later stages of recovery. Developing of Dr. Bubnovsky’s method took more than 30 years, which allowed to accumulate serious clinical experience and to find a more effective approach to a wide range of conditions.
Is it true that Dr. Bubnovsky's method helps to avoid surgery and continuous use of painkillers?
A simple answer “yes” or “no”, will be incorrect. Every individual case is unique. Unfortunately, when the pain is caused by irreversible tissue changes, Dr. Bubnovsky's method will not be effective. But in the cases where it is possible to work with injured tissues, the answer will be positive. I can add that the method is constantly being improved which means that the list of diseases which we cannot help with is constantly decreasing. In some respects, it outperforms modern traditional methods of rehabilitation.
Why is the first consultation necessary? What will I learn?
The first consultation is necessary for both, you and the kinesitherapist. The therapist needs to understand the scope of your movements, the limitations. This is needed to be able to work out the most effective recovery program to be performed at our centre. You will find out what causes the pain, as well as have the opportunity to learn more about Dr. Bubnovsky’s exercise machines available at the centre.
Dr. Bubnovsky has published many books and materials which teach how to exercise at home. Why should I visit the centre?
Books and materials do not provide a solution for your particular situation, and the special method to treat exactly your problem. It is possible to follow the dynamics of recovery and make adjustments to the individual recovery program at the centre. And, of course, our centre offers the opportunity to exercise on specialized equipment, as well as cryotherapy and sauna procedures, which are an integral part of the method.
How many sessions a month are recommended to achieve the best results?
The recommended number of sessions - 3 times a week.
Do I need to visit the centre regularly to remain healthy?
In order to be healthy, everybody needs to move, to exercise every day. Where and how it is up to each person him/herself! And yet, I recommend exercising under the supervision of competent professionals.
After how many sessions can one start feeling improvement and pain relief?
It all depends on the “age” of the problem. If the pain has started disturbing you recently, you will feel the improvement already after the first session. If the pain has been a problem for several years, then you need some patience as there cannot be a quick solution.
Does your method help if one has such common problems like stress, migraine, allergy, insomnia?
There are many additional illnesses that Dr. Bubnovsky's method helps to cope with, but it must be remembered that these and many other diseases are an indication that the body is generally weak. Kinesitherapy helps to strengthen the whole body. This method eliminates the causes of many diseases.
Can Dr. Bubnovsky's method help to lose weight?
You will certainly lose weight, but that should not be the main goal. You need to focus on improving your general health, not on losing weight.
Is Dr. Bubnovsky’s method suitable for professional athletes?
Our method is suitable for everyone, including people who are training a lot.
Is it possible that my problem will worsen after the sessions at your centre?
There are always ups and downs in the recovery process. Everybody during the rehabilitation period can come across such a situation as it all depends on many internal and external factors. If you strictly follow the program worked out by our specialists, there is no reason to worry about a possible deterioration of your wellbeing.
From what age can one attend the sessions at your centre?
Our sessions are suitable for children from the age of 6.
What are the cases when you can help children?
Dr. Bubnovsky’s method can treat a large number of diseases in children and adults, but our main specialization is trauma and posture disorders, such as scoliosis, flat feet, O or X-shaped legs and Osgood-Schlatter disease in adolescents.