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Do you want cheaper?
Do you want cheaper?

1. Bring a friend! 
Your friend will get a 15% discount on the standard price for the first class pass. And you will get 3 extra exercises when you buy a pass for the next cycle.

2. Day pass is valid on workdays from 12:00 till 17:00. Day pass with 10% discount from the standard price is designed for people with disabilities, seniors, schoolchildren, students and doctors. 

3. Family discount -15% of the standard price of a class pass. 

4. Benefits - use insurance policy and/or submit a check for services rendered to and receive 20% reimbursement. 

This offer is effective July 1, 2021.
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15% for family

The youngest one is 5 years old but the oldest celebrated his 90th birthday on September. There are couples👫, parents with their teenagers👨👧👩👧, grandmas and their grandchildren 👩👦👦are having lessons together in our Center. Regular trainings are their every week need, life style, healthy spent time together.

Will get 15% discount when 2 of family members  (relatives) buys subscriptions.

The road to health becomes joyful if you go together 👫.

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Bring a friend
Discount  from July 1st
Bring a friend and get 3 classes free of charge.
Your friend will have 15% discount on 12 sessions course.
if purchased on a day of first visit, your fiend will get free consultation and individual program.
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