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Prices and discounts
Prices and discounts 

1., 2. and 3. Cycle:

✅First visit to the treating physiotherapist is included in the price when purchasing a subscription on the day of the visit;

✅12 medical gymnastics under the supervision of a physiotherapist;

✅2x30min visits to the treating physiotherapist;

✅ sauna and cold water procedures.

Cycle 4:

✅12 medical gymnastics individually, without independent supervision of a physiotherapist;

✅The price does not include visits to the treating physiotherapist;

✅ sauna and cold water procedures.

10% discount for pupils, students, teachers, doctors, the disabled, pensioners (on presentation of document, card).

15% for family members if both attend physiotherapy in the last 3 months.

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Bring a friend and both get 15% discount!

Bring a friend and both get 15% discount on 12 sessions course.

If purchased on a day of the first visit, consultation free of charge

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15% for family

The youngest one is 5 years old but the oldest celebrated his 90th birthday on September. There are couples👫, parents with their teenagers👨👧👩👧, grandmas and their grandchildren 👩👦👦are having lessons together in our Center. Regular trainings are their every week need, life style, healthy spent time together.

Will get 15% discount when 2 of family members  (relatives) buys subscriptions.

The road to health becomes joyful if you go together 👫.

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Buy 9 massages and get 10th as a🎁.

Massage, after physiotherapy class in Dr. Bubnovsky Center improves the recovery process. It is advisable to consult your treating physiotherapist before starting a massage course. He gives advise for which part of the body to pay attention to and which type of massage to choose.

The masseurs of our center - physiotherapist Jevgenijs Litvinko and Diana Sokolova, will be happy to welcome you to our new massage room.

As a result of the massage, muscle pain after intense exercise will be prevented, as well as strength will be restored and tension in problem areas will be reduced. Promotion: pays for 9 massages and receives 10 as a 🎁. 

Subscription for 10x30min therapeutic massages - 225.00 EUR (standard price 30min - 25.00 EUR) 

Subscription for 10x60min therapeutic massages - 450.00 EUR (standard price 60min - 50.00 EUR) 

The subscription must be used within 3 months. No additional discounts available. 

 The promotion is also valid for those who are not attending physiotherapy classes at the Center.


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