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Mon - Fri7.00-21.00
About the Center

In February 2020, Dr. Bubnovsky’s Centre was opened also in Riga. The centre employs specialists who have studied in Moscow under the supervision of Dr. Bubnovsky himself, and have been certified to work using the system of decompression exercises with the help of Dr. Bubnovsky's patented multifunctional MTB exercise machines in order to improve the health of the visitors to the centre.

The aim of our centre is to introduce the population of Latvia to the unique Dr. Bubnovsky’s recovery method and to help them get rid of various pains that may be preventing people from enjoying life or doing their favourite things.

Practically anyone, children and adults, from the age of 6 up to 80+ can get help at our centre. The movements used in kinesitherapy are natural, the ones people are accustomed to and therefore suitable for people of all ages, body weight and health conditions. If the diagnosis is correct, the customized exercise program will eliminate pain and reduce the risk of the pain returning after the program is completed.

The centre is staffed with experienced and professional physiotherapists who have studied and obtained their certificates in Moscow under the supervision of Dr. Bubnovsky himself.
Our centre is the largest in Europe. It is located in the VEF Quarter, in a 1000 sqm loft style hall where you will find the exercise machines designed and patented by Dr. Bubnovsky. Both changing rooms are equiped with sauna, shower and cold water tub for cryotreatment
The special MTB exercise machines, working in the decompression and antigravity mode, are used during the sessions. Exercising on these machines is possible without the risk of injury or exacerbation of the disease.